Booth fire


This package consists of one main pump coupled to electric motor, one stand by pump coupled to diesel engine, jockey pump, pressure vessel, controller (s) for manual or automatic operation of system and standard accessories mounted on base frame(s). The electric pump shall be End Suction or Single Stage Horizontal split case multi stage or Horizontal multi stage centrifugal depending on the System capacity and head requirements. Electric motor is squirrel cage industrial type and foot mounted suitable for 3 phase, with required hose power rating. The diesel engine is fixed on the base with anti-vibration rubber pads and the pump is directly coupled to a diesel engine through flexible coupling, According to the power output of the engine the electrical system can be either 12V or 24 DC. The diesel engine consists of alternator, started motor, fuel system, lubricating system, exhaust system, etc. The jockey pump is vertically mounted multi stage pump coupled to TEFC, 3 phase motor. The controller shall be either common or individual (1 Electric + Diesel & Jockey) and is fabricated from mild steel and epoxy powder coated to red colour. The enclosure is IP 54 rated and having all the required controls complying with the applicable standard (NFPA, LPCB, Local Jurisdiction Authority requirements etc.). The standard Fire Pump set will be compete with pressure switches, pressure gauge, suction & discharge manifolds with gate valves & non-return valves, flexible connectors, battery set for diesel engine etc. All are mounted on a strong common bas frame of mild steel and painted red. This Fire Pump set is designed to be installed with the following Fire Protection Systems.



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