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Working At Booth Fire

We belong to the Booth Fire family, which means we value & respect each other. we believe in diversity. We are diverse and we are at the forefront of firefighting & protection in Uganda.
At Booth Fire, we recognize that the engagement of our employees is critical to our business performance.

We believe that our success is dependent on our ability to create an environment where all our employees feel included and able to perform at their best.Our aim is to continue building a company that releases the potential of its employees and provide a work environment where people can learn, grow and have fun.As an employee of Booth Fire, our most valuable asset is YoU, we value your presence & commitment .

We provide equal opportunities for every employee to share their broader goals in life and supports them in exploring and harnessing their unique strengths at work.

We also recognize that our employees have commitments away from the workplace and encourage working patterns that balance home life and career.We also encourage the work from home style, especially during & after the global pandemic happened.




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