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Booth Fire Services Ltd. is Uganda’s leading fire protection and safety services company with over 45 years of excellence. By leveraging our understanding of the market dynamics, insights into global trends, operational excellence and working with NAFFCO (UAE) & CENTA (SA) the world’s and Africa’s leading producers of quality Fire protection Equipment & Systems, we have kept a track record for exceeding expectations and setting the industry standard in cost effective quality solutions in Uganda. That is why we are the preferred Fire protection & Safety partner for over 1000 + Clients in all sectors and industries in Uganda.
Booth Fire’s Headquarters are, in Kampala the Central Business District (CBD), but spanning throughout the country, we have competently & professionally executed numerous projects; under both private & government sectors throughout the country. Including but not limited to Residential Buildings, Industrial Manufacturing Plants, Power Generation Stations, Oil & Gas facilities, Commercial Edifices; schools, hospitals, malls, sports stadiums, etc.

As the providers of total fire protection systems, Booth Fire, undertakes a holistic project;  From Design, Supply, Installation, Testing &  Commissioning of various systems like; Fire Detection, Fire Alarm, Fire Suppression &  Fire Fighting systems, this Makes us the best one stop shop for all your fire needs.


To Be Uganda’s Market Leader in providing Quality, Innovative, Comprehensive & Reliable Fire Fighting & Protection solutions.


To Empower & Protect People’s Lives using the Latest Technology, while striving to provide the best Quality Service Delivery to our Customers, while Creating Benefit.

Core Values


We strive to provide a quality service at all costs, we are passionate about quality in everything we do. “ Quality first, Quality always”


We constantly strive to conduct ourselves with responsibility, integrity, accountability, and excellence. We are keen at what we do and how we do it.


We value each other. We seek & strive for inclusion, diversity, mutually fulfilling relationships, partnerships & respect for people's lives.

Customer Centric

We are passionate about our customers. Our curiosity and consumer insights drive our growth. We are innovative & constantly searching for new ideas to help us, serve our customers to their full benefit.


We are constantly seeking innovative fire protection solutions to improve our services & product delivery. We are continuously adapting to the latest technology, through our research and development team, while providing value to our customers.

Integrity & Social Responsibility

We consistently demonstrate highest ethical standards in our actions, honor agreements. We are socially responsible.

Brand Promise

Educate communities; schools, community centers & homes about fire & its related repercussions.

Advise individuals & corporations, on planning fire escape routes within their premises.

Actively understand diverse individuals or groups, while seeking partnerships.

To prevent fire & associated accidents.

Our History

Mr. Kalungi Yabezi Nsaale, the MD and founder of Booth Fire Services had his humble beginnings as a sales representative for R.S Campbell Company, whose management was from UK, the then only Fire Protection and Safety services company in Uganda in the early seventies (1970’s)

When President Idi Amin Dada Oumee expelled south Asians from Uganda in an attempt to nationalize majority of the businesses R.S Campbell closed. 

The founder then went on to work for and with his uncle a one James Mpalanyi  who had received a shop from the government, that operated under brand name; Nkooki Brothers which sold engineering equipment and Fire Fighting Equipment which Mr. Kalungi, then in his 20’s  managed. 

Having worked a full year but needing a challenge of his own, Mr. Kalungi set up an office of his own (Kampala road behind the current Biplous) to major in Fire Fighting equipment in 1976, with the blessing of his father the then serving Reverend Yoweri Nsaale. {gave him a map of Uganda and declared that his business would reach every territory on it}

Later that year he was joined by Mr. Charles Kato where upon he proceeded to form a partnership. At this time he was performing his duties by motorbike to reach his clients and potential customers. Unfortunately Mr. Kalungi and partner Charles Kato split up and he remained with the business. 

At the start of 1977, he chose to buy a car for his business, this opened up amass opportunities working with several Cooperative Unions which then were sizable private organizations that had a lot of property, Flammable produce (e.g. Cotton) and people to protect from Fire.  Some of the most prominent clients of the time were; 

At this point the business moved first to Wilson Road, and later to Rashid Khamis Road. The business was incorporated and registered as “BOOTHFIRE SERVICES LTD” in 1984. Further, it was recognised and recommended by the Uganda Fire Brigade as a quality service provider who was authorised to conduct training and drills with Clients. This is the time the founder introduced his sons; Daniel Kalungi (current director managing the Technical team), Moses Ssebunya, Alex Kawooya and his daughter, Prossy Nakalita to the business as shareholders.

As the decade closed, we started to diversify our sourcing of Equipment and systems travelling to UAE (Dubai) and China to get better and cost effective quality. In 1995 we were introduced to the CEO and Founder of South Africa’s top Fire Protection equipment and systems manufacturer CENTA, a Mr. Duncan Boyes and became their sole Agent in Uganda. We  also started a working relationship with NAFFCO as their preferred Agent in Uganda . With this quality we were able to get contracts for Mulago Hospital, President’s Office, Nile Hotel, Statehouse, the airport etc. 

In the mid 2010’s CENTA recommended Booth Fire Service Limited to commission one of the most complex multimillion dollar projects at BAT Industries Uganda at their plant and warehouses. The VESDA Systems project we executed, is one of its kind and it’s completion earned us the reputation of being the best and most qualified Fire Protection and Safety company in Uganda and indeed one of the best in Eastern Africa.

Early 1970's
Mr. Kalungi Yabezi Nsaale Begins career at RS Campbell (only Fire protection services company in Uganda)
1975 After Expulsion of Asians in Uganda

Founder Joins his uncle James Mpalanyi's Shop; Nkooki Brothers managing Fire Fighting & Engineering Equipment.

1976 First office & Partnership
Founder decides to go into the firefighting business and picks up a partner in Mr. Charles Kato (Office is opened on Kampala Road behind current Biplous)
1977- Idea of national business increased.
First car is bought and various cooperative unions are taken as clients.
1984-BoothFire Services Ltd is incorporated and registered with the registration body.
Offices having moved to wilson road and then Rashid khamis road. Got recommended with Uganda Fire Brigade, Authorised to conduct trainnig and got contracts with parliament, Nile hotel, State house etc
1992 & 1995 Booth Fire becomes CENTA SA sole Agent and NAFFCO Agent in Uganda.
The founder begins to introduce his very young children to the family business Starts attending annual training and conferences in South Africa and Dubai on Fire protection and safety technologies and trends to-date his Sons continue to attend these and be certified.
2017 VESDA system Project at BAT Uganda.
Major one of a kind VESDA system Project (Million Dollar) at BAT Uganda plant and warehouses that cemented BoothFire Services as the best Fire protection and Safety services company in Uganda.



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