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BAT - Uganda
BAT is one of the world’s FMCG companies, committed to reducing the impact of smoking in there entire industry; by producing healthier & better quality tobacco products. Some of the best known in East Africa are PALL MALL & DUNHILL. They have over the years supported the growth and development of more than 75,000 tobacco farmers in Uganda, who deliver tobacco to their numerous warehouses. Up-to about a decade ago, BAT-Uganda was the biggest manufacturing plant in Uganda.
World Food Program brings life saving relief in emergencies & use food assistance to build pathways to peace, stability & prosperity to people recovering from conflict, disasters & impact of climate change. In Uganda, in addition to providing food in places that are in crisis or places that have food security problems, they are also continuously involved in providing school meals in areas in need. Headquartered at Clement Hill Road, Kampala, they manage a big number of warehouses, staff & relief centers across the country.
Civil Aviation Authority
Headquartered at Entebbe, in close proximity of Entebbe International Airport, the CAA is responsible for managing the full operation, security and safety of the Uganda’s international airport and at least 13 other airstrips across the country. They are responsible for all the areas of the airport and airstrips including; Runways, Cargo bays, Fuel storage facilities, airplane Hangars and all other facilities.
Stanbic Bank - Uganda
Is one of Uganda’s most innovative & customer driven banks in the country, with a true African presence. They are in more than 18 countries across the African continent. This has opened up a lot of opportunities for their clients especially those in their pioneer investment clubs especially pensioners. As they confidently state, “Uganda is our home and we drive her growth”
Nakasero Hospital
Since its inception in 2009, Nakasero hospital has become an integral part of the healthcare sector within Uganda, offering healthcare to communities, within the central region & beyond. It’s one of the only Medical Consultant owned hospitals with some of the best technology & equipment. Its prized maternity ward is testament to their quality of service.
Roofings Group
Since 1994 Roofings Group has been at the forefront of the steel and plastics industries within East & Central Africa, with a focus on continuous innovation, sustainable growth and better quality of life, as well as providing an environment that embraces different skills. They are the biding factor from the houses we live in, to the schools that teach us, the farms that feed us, the bridges that we cross, to the protection we have around our homes. Roofings strives to provide unparalleled quality to make our lives easier. Headquartered at plot 6 Entebbe road, Lubowa Estate, they operate one of the largest and most modern steel complexes in East & Central Africa (Roofings Rolling Mills) and one of the largest pipe manufacturing plant in Uganda (Roofings Poly-pipes)
Uganda Police Force
Under the Uganda Police Force Act Cap 303, the force has a mandate to protect life & property, prevent & detect crime, keep law & order, maintain the overall security & public safety in Uganda. UPF is responsible for over 37,400 police officers and 396 civilian staff housed in police stations & posts across the country.
Petro Group - Uganda
Is a multi-national petroleum import and export business with a presence in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania & Zanzibar that has been in existence for 30 years since 1989. With over 150 fueling stations in East Africa, and nearly a quarter in Uganda. They have been one of the market leaders of petroleum businesses in Uganda.
Agha Khan Schools
Established in the early 1930s, in twenty villages & towns including; Masaka, Jinja & Mbarara. Currently AKES runs co-educational day schools in Kampala attended by over 30 nationalities; on nursery, primary & secondary levels. They cater to a total of just over 2,000 students taught by 150 strong full-time teaching staff, supported by part-time and volunteer educators.



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