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Established in 1977 & later incorporated and registered by the Uganda Fire brigade in 1984, Booth Fire Services Ltd. is the longest serving and leading fire protection & Safety service company in Uganda.

Our passion for quality in fire protection and safety goes way back for generations and has earned us a reputation for providing world-class innovative services & products, and singled us out as Uganda’s only direct supplier of CENTA (South Africa) and NAFFCO (United Arab Emirates) equipments.

We work with individuals and businesses in all sectors, to identify what we can collectively do, to ensure safety of their people and property (reducing risk of fire and damage from fire).As pioneers in the Fire protection and safety industry with over 45 + years of experience, we’ve been leading the industry with the highest level design, supply, installation and maintenance of fire protection and safety systems in Uganda.

We also work closely with various government agencies in response to hazardous material incidents, wildfires, landslides, possible terrorist activity and any other incidents that might fall under our expertise.




We work closely with the client’s safety managers and engineers to design fire protection systems, including; detection, fire suppression and firefighting systems that suit the premises. We choose the right equipment and systems that eliminate any discrepancies.


Working together with our clients and employing our massive expertise, we help choose and supply the latest technology, systems and fire protection & firefighting equipment. We are currently the sole distributor of CENTA (South Africa & Africa’s Leading Fire Equipment and Systems manufacturer) products and are the preferred distributor of NAFFCO (UAE & the World’s leading Fire Equipment and Systems manufacturer) Products in Uganda.


BoothFire’s strength lies in the expertise of our diverse team of engineers & technical personnel, who are always at the forefront to successfully design, install and commission systems to meet the standards of the Uganda Fire Brigade & Uganda Police Fire Department.

Training & Drills

We are one of the Fire Protection and safety services companies that have been certified and recommended by the Uganda Fire Brigade to carry out Fire Prevention, Fire Fighting, First Aid and Safety Drills and Training. We attend and participate in South Africa’s biggest training and Fire Protection Technology conferences by CENTA (South Africa) annually to acquire even more skills and product knowledge, which we pass on to our clients.


Since “Fires” are unpredictable and they must be dealt with immediately, we provide complete maintenance solutions of firefighting, fire alarm & security systems wherever and whenever required.

As pioneers in the Fire protection and safety industry with over 45 + years of experience, we’ve been leading the industry with the highest level design, supply, installation and maintenance of fire protection and safety systems in Uganda.


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