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Understanding hazard signs you might find at work

Here are some of the most common variations of hazard signs that you might see in the workplace and what they mean.


This sign indicates the presence of harmful microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and other toxins. This hazard sign is frequently found on containers for the disposal of medical waste such as used syringes.


Devices that depend on high-powered lasers must bear the warning sign below. Anyone entering areas where lasers are used should be equipped with eye protection and avoid looking directly into the source.


When this hazard sign is present, workers must take care to use specialized safety gloves when handling corrosive materials, as they can burn or dissolve skin and other substances on contact.


The hazard sign below announces that radioactive materials are present and anyone working in the area should be protected with radiation suits.


Equipment labeled with this hazard sign uses or generates enough electricity to seriously injure or kill a person. Only trained and authorized technicians should be allowed to access this area.


Anything bearing the hazard sign below can become extremely hot to the touch. Workers should avoid it or use caution that they do not burn themselves or others.


Materials that have the symbol shown on the hazard sign below are poisonous and should not be swallowed, inhaled or handled without protective gloves. This hazard sign may also highlight any area where poisons might be present.


Anything marked with the hazard sign below needs to be kept away from open flames, heat sources and sparks. Flammable materials are in danger of sudden combustion and can cause explosions.


This hazard sign can be found in practically any work environment and is used to mark an area where the floor might be wet, has just been recently mopped or has an increased risk of spills.


Often found in chemical storage areas, this hazard sign indicates extremely low temperatures. Care must be taken not to expose skin or other sensitive items to these cold conditions.


Whether forklifts, trucks or another type of vehicle, the hazard sign below alerts workers that heavy equipment passes through the area frequently. Anyone on foot should stay in designated pedestrian walkways and stay alert while in the area.
Hazard signs are a prevalent sight in laboratories and industrial workplaces. The information they convey is crucial for workplace safety, but they may not always be familiar to those working there.

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